По причине планового выхода в декретный отпуск Нашего замечательного коллеги, мы приглашаем в команду менеджера по продвижению
О компании:
Компания «Штурм» создана и работает с 2001 года в г. Нижний Тагил. Наша специализация: сплавы по рекам и активный отдых. Наши клиенты это жители Нижнего Тагила, Екатеринбурга и других городов России. В основном это семьи с детьми, коллективы организаций среди которых РЖД, НТМК, Администрация Нижнего Тагила, Tele2, Мегафон и многие другие. Всего, до настоящего момента, мы организовали активный отдых для более чем 18 000 человек.

На протяжении всего периода существования мы непрерывно растем со скоростью полтора - два раза в год, стали крупнейшей компанией по сплавам в Свердловской области, собрали отличный коллектив и имеем среднюю оценку 4,8 балла по пятибалльной шкале по анкетам которые заполняют туристы после сплава. Сейчас перед нами стоит цель стать крупнейшими в России.

Who we are
Working from one of the Peppermint offices in Berlin, Rotterdam and New York, our team plays a key role within a highly passionate agency who delivers stunning insight for an array of global, household name brands.
Essential qualities:
— A professional quailfication in project management as the application of methodology;
— Experience in delivering telephony / IT / network projects of varying scale and time frame;
— Excellent organisation skills;
— Excellein communication skills;
— The ability to define and apply an appropriate management methodology;
— Team work and customer f0cused mentality with ability to multi-task.

It would be beneficial to your application if you speak second language, have experience in working for international companies and with multicultural teams of developers and creatives.
What we offer
Working from a Berlin Pixie Labs office, expect to play a key role within a highly passionate agency who delivers stunning insight for an array of global brands.
International work experience
At Peppermint, we work on our projects worldwide, with best people from all over the world.
Support to young talent
We know how hard it can be to get noticed for a young specialist and try to provide everyone with an equal opportunity.
Stable income
The reward system based on quality, not quantity. We review regularly to keep up with everyone.
Health care
Medical insurance, gym membership, and sport activities are free to all Peppermint employees.
Working with the likes of Nike, LSK and Leica, Pixie Labs is made up of a small team of highly professional people, across a mix of disciplines from advertising, design and qualitative research. Due to expansion we are now seeking a like-minded, experienced product manager to join our close-knit, strategically focused team.
Learn more on our website: peppermint.de
Meet our team
At Peppermint, I met a lot of great people and learned a bit of every adjacent field. I research city planning and create design proposals, and the team helps me a lot.
Mandy Schulz
It's nice to be a part of professional community. I'm a developer, and I need to stay up to date with my colleagues. It's much easier in our environment. Also, the gym is great.
John Ivory
You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.
Alex Larkins
Founder of Pic Pen studio

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14-16 Rauchstrasse Berlin, Germany
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